Hello. I’m Sol

And if, like me, you work a 9-5 you’ll know there’s no better feeling than turning on your Out of Office. It just doesn’t happen enough. So this blog is all about making the most of those precious days off; the trips and adventures I cram into weekends, bank holidays and our all-too limited annual leave.

Based in Manchester, England I’m a copywriter currently working in the travel industry for a leading UK travel company. And whilst it’s pretty cool to combine those two passions for the day job, I’m still happiest when my Out of Office is switched ON. In fact, working in travel only serves to further fuel the desire to go exploring.

And so here I hope to share stories (and the odd photo) of my exploring. Whether that’s on the other side of town or the other side of the world. But most likely somewhere in between.

Wherever it is, I hope you find Sol’s Out of Office interesting, informative and inspiring. Maybe even entertaining. And that it helps you get the most out of your own limited time spent Out of Office.

It’s surprising what you can get up to…